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Our award-winning team has extensive experience of delivering impactful media relations, expertly guiding clients on how to manage their image, drive customer activity, engage with audiences, and influence opinion. 


We are experts in audience. We work to understand our clients and design a media relations strategy that is targeted, efficient and effective. We have worked from a hyper-local level to delivering hard-hitting coverage in the biggest national and international outlets.  


Working across digital media, traditional printed titles and broadcast, we ensure that we reach the right people in a timely, effective and measurable way, across B2B and B2C channels.  


We build relationships with journalists to ensure you are front of mind with the right media outlets, while utilising the best digital tools and software to ensure you get the cut-through you need. 



We’re tactic agnostic and approach every brief with an open mind. Digital forms of communication are a must for any business operating in the B2B or B2C space. Ensuring you’re making the most of your social media channels, utilising effective content and targeting the right audiences is no longer just ‘nice to have’. 


We use the latest organic and paid-for techniques to ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves. A technology-first approach to digital media allows us to create rich multimedia content for your brand and to create engaging website copy that hits home. 


We understand the importance of link-building and SEO within digital PR, and we work with brands to help them realise their potential, increase traffic, improve their website’s domain authority, and raise brand awareness. 


We work directly with media outlets and understand big-tech solutions, such as geo-targeted Google display advertising, helping brands vastly increase their website traffic, while increasing the amount of time users spend on their site and delivering industry-busting click-through rates. 



Our team has a track record of helping organisations change opinions and deliver compelling messages to those in positions of authority. We have delivered strategies helping to influence opinion and allow decision-makers to make positive decisions. 


We have engineered numerous interactions with political decision makers at all levels – from parish councils to Government ministers – managing every aspect of the interaction and helping to create effective change in a managed and coordinated way. 


Understanding that a stakeholder can be anyone in a position of influence allows us to create bespoke and targeted campaigns to help organisations achieve their objectives. We work with our clients to understand the brief and the nuances behind their sector. 


We work with expert 3rd party suppliers, such as British Polling Council members, to deliver effective insight and evidence-based materials that help influence opinion and reach the right audiences. 

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We work with the best creatives in the business to deliver traditional and new marketing initiatives that cut through. Our work has included delivering massive campaigns, incorporating a range of online tactics, supplemented by offline activity such as: Radio Advertising; Out of Home (OOH); Mobile Digital Display; Leaflet Drops; Experiential Activity; and Events. 


All our marketing activity starts with understanding your brand. Gone are the days when a ‘spray and pray’ approach to marketing was in any way acceptable. Insight, evaluation and data underpin our work, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. 


Marketing campaigns are the lifeblood of any successful brand and can be delivered in a targeted and cost-effective way that achieves return on investment. There are times when tinkering around the edges just isn’t good enough, and your organisation needs to communicate with impact.  


From discreet but effective internal communications to full-blown multichannel campaigns, managing every aspect from media spend to asset creation, we have the experience and ability to deliver. We utilise brand and industry insights, data and accumulated sector knowledge to create impactful, measurable strategies, both online and off. 



Our simple pricing structure allows brands of any size to plan with certainty. We also provide a range of ancillary services, with straightforward pricing structures, which allow our clients to pick and choose from a range of tactics and services.  


Our expertise includes: creating website copy; social media content creation; drafting articles or blogs for your channels; creation of high-quality branded documents, such as annual reports or white-papers; award-entry writing; and creating simple multimedia content such as interviews for social media. 


Y-Content also offers our bespoke Brand Healthcheck for brands. This can be a great way for us to get to know you – and vice-versa. We will look at various influences that affect your brand’s ability to communicate, including: tone of voice and plain English; accessibility for users with disabilities; SEO and language; suitability of your brand elements; identifying channels you should be on; and competitor analysis. This service will result in a quality report with actionable outputs. 


To find out more about our pricing, visit Y-Content at 

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