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How to get the most out of UKREiiF

With >12,000 expected to attend the third edition of UKREiiF, there will be some familiar faces in Yasper’s home city of Leeds this May, but also many who are new to the event. Having attended for the first and second edition of the ever-growing property industry showcase, our founder takes a look at how delegates can get the most out of their limited time.


1.         Don’t over-book yourself. During the inaugural event, I made the mistake of filling my diary attending sessions and seminars. In reality, the conversations that were held before and after these sessions were equally, if not more, important. Pick fewer sessions, but ones that are most relevant to you. Make sure you leave gaps in your diary to catch up with others and catch your breath.


2.         Use the delegate directory. The event is a great opportunity to meet up with old contacts or make new ones. Once registered, you’ll have access to the extensive delegate directory. Use this resource to connect with contacts and arrange meetings ahead of time.


3.         Be proactive. Simply putting a post on social media asking contacts to come to you, isn’t the most efficient use of your time. By being targeted, you can have richer and more fulfilling conversations, that will prove more fruitful in the long run.


4.         Fringe benefits. The programme of events that has encircled UKREiiF has become an industry in its own right. As a counterpoint to the often quite formal sessions run at the event itself, the fringe programme allows more informal but equally informative conversations to develop. Many of these events get booked up early, so just like the main programme, prioritise.


5.         Mutually beneficial networking. It only really works when there’s benefit for both parties, when it comes to networking. Be clear about who you want to have conversations with and what outcome you want.


6.         Travel by river. No UKREiiF would ever be complete without the obligatory water-taxi ride. This runs regularly between the train station (Granary Wharf entrance) and Leeds Dock. It’s a great way to see the city and be sure to give Yasper’s office a wave as you pass under the Centenary footbridge at Brewery Wharf.


7.         Explore. Leeds Dock is an exciting part of the city, but it’s just one part of Leeds. While you’re here, take the opportunity to have a walk around and explore your surroundings. If the weather is good, stroll down towards Wellington Place and enjoy one of the city’s newest developments. Park Square and the Headrow both have great examples of city placemaking. And the SOYO neighbourhood is a great destination with all the buzz promised by a cultural quarter.


8.         Try it out. One of the new initiatives for 2024 is a ‘taster event’ giving those who haven’t visited before the opportunity to get a one-day pass for the Thursday at a fraction of the cost of the overall ticket. Whilst Thursday has traditionally been the quieter of the days, there is still plenty going on and lots of great sessions to get involved with.

Client commitments mean that I’m unable to attend the full programme this year, although I’ll be in the city for most of the week. After tentative dipping-toes-in-the-water from many businesses in years one and two, most public and private sector entities seem convinced that it’s an event well-worth attending and one that’s here to stay.


During the week of UKREiiF, keep an eye out for Yasper’s celebration of the built-environment in Leeds, via our exclusive Leeds photo shoot, only available on our Instagram feed. We’ll be posting new pictures daily, during the conference.

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