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Using photography to capture the spirit of a city

Updated: Jun 14

Capturing the character of a city in words is never an easy task. But as the saying goes, a picture can paint a thousand. Having just completed a client shoot in Manchester city centre, we were inspired to share a selection of architectural shots of our home city, Leeds, which were commissioned exclusively for Yasper last year.

In our opinion, architecture is about context, form, texture, the environment and people. People shape cities and cities shape the character of an area. We start our photo-series with one of the gems in Leeds’ architectural crown, the Town Hall.


Blending old with new and using light to accentuate the design of a building are key factors. These baffles on Sovereign Street create interest in a relatively new development.


Classical styles and arches are architectural features as old as time. Their use here is a nod to Yorkshire’s rich industrial past.


How buildings sit within an environment and interact with nature is also a factor when designing spaces and photographing them. The area around Park Square is one of our favourite parts of the city for a bite to eat or a lunchtime stroll.


Architecture is also formed by our relationship with transport. Many people who don’t know Leeds are surprised to hear of its strong maritime heritage. The canal acts as a gateway to the North sea to the East. Increasingly, waterways are being brought back into use.


Modern styles can play tricks on the eyes, with different textures and colours used to provide interest and intrigue.


City Square is the first space many people see when they arrive in Leeds. This grand building was until relatively recently a Post Office, but is now home to several high-end bars and restaurants.


If you’re following Yasper on Instagram, you may already have seen some of these. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? These were all taken by our long-term collaborator, David Lindsay, who as these shots prove, is an expert at capturing architectural excellence. Our second city-shoot is planned for next week, so you'll be seeing more soon...

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